Aigen Investment Management, LP is a global investment management firm that employs diversified systematic strategies to deliver consistent investment returns to our capital partners. Our rigorous investment process is data driven, augmented by machine learning, and boosted by high power computing.

The majority of our core team came from Electronic Market Making (EMM) group in Morgan Stanley, where we had a long and successful career and played an important role in the electronic market making business globally. The other core team member came from a top notch quantitative hedge fund.

We are a group of people who appreciate the beauty of ideas, technologies, processes and efficiency. We found that they, concerted with proper care, work remarkably well in unveiling the inefficiencies in the financial markets.

Our mission is to be a first-class investment team and to empower our talents with resources and opportunities to achieve extraordinary results.

We believe that to succeed in profit making is not an end in itself. Ultimately, that success must be translated into a better and kinder world, with more opportunities, hope, fun, and freedom for people.