Aigen Investment Management, LP is a global investment management firm that employs diversified systematic strategies to deliver consistent investment returns to our capital partners. Our rigorous investment process is data driven, augmented by machine learning, and boosted by high power computing.


One Team

Each of us is an integral part of the work family. We share the same value and mission. And we share success. We care about the well-being of each other and drive each other to constantly learn and continuously grow, both professionally and personally. In the systematic investment world only concerted teamwork can win.


We are optimistic. We believe that there are immense opportunities in the global markets, and we have been only touching a small part. We encourage people to be entrepreneurial and take initiatives to explore uncharted territories. Instead of “impossible” we like to say “how to make it work?”.


We leverage disciplined processes, optimized automation, and cutting-edge technologies to achieve efficiency. In the meanwhile, we frequently examine our information flow and decision making processes to ensure that the efficiency is maximized. We believe operational efficiency boosts morale, reduces errors, and increases profitability.


Staying humble is our first line of defense in risk management. We are in awe of the ever changing and challenging nature of the markets. We know the limitations of our systems and our judgements. Hence we value and promote diverse opinions, we openly admit mistakes and learn from them, and we will never cease to improve and innovate. Excellence, not ego, is our ultimate quest.

Work-life harmony

In our world, work and life are not opposing; instead, they complement each other and can feed into each other in a synergetic way (This is why we favor “harmony” over “balance”). Hard work definitely matters, but not at the cost of one’s well-being. Moreover, each individual is results driven and autonomous.


We are committed to develop people and reward contributions.


We are located at
411 Fifth Ave, Suite 702
New York, NY 10016